Help Center

This is our help center to answer any questions you may have.

Unlimited membership

All our subscriptions are unlimited plans that allow you to download unlimited beats, monetize on any platform and events worldwide. Unlimited subscriptions also give you access to untagged beats, and the ability to whitelist your YouTube channel to automatically remove any copyright claims instantly.


If you need support you can contact us through the chat that you can find on this page. You can also do it by sending an e-mail to


Coverfy is a cover art service designed exclusively for artists. It is included with an Lifetime + subscription. It can also be purchased separately at


You can use Beatflix music to collaborate with other artists, as long as you're the main artist on the song.


You can edit, remix and add new sounds to the beats you have downloaded. You should always give credit to Beatflix.


If you have received a claim on Youtube or on digital platforms for improper use or copyright, please send us an e-mail to


To monetize your songs you must have an active subscription to Beatflix. If you have monetized any song and you have unsubscribed, don't worry, those songs will remain on digital platforms until you decide. If you need to monetize new songs on beats downloaded from the platform, you will have to re-subscribe.

Billing and payments

Songbeat does not offer refunds. Yearly subscriptions renew every 12 months. If the subscription payment is not made effective for any reason, or there is a breach of the contract clauses by the user, Beatflix reserves the right to cancel the account of the user.

Content ID

It is not allowed to register the Content ID of the songs you publish. This would affect other users of the platform and we would be forced to remove your song from all releases you have made.

Cancel subscription

By canceling your account you will not be able to download beats from the platform. All the songs that you have uploaded to digital platforms with your active subscription will not be deleted, you can monetize for life. If in the future you need to use the downloaded beats and monetize, you must subscribe to be able to monetize these new songs, so you will prevent them from being deleted by our system.

Hundreds of beats in your pocket.

*Available soon. Only for users with an Lifetime + subscription.